A. Renee was born and raised in Orangeburg, SC. She is the proud, mother of one daughter, Armanni.  Armanni who is a major inspiration to Renee, is a constant reminder of God’s blessings. Although, Renee sinned against God, his grace and mercy allowed Renee to bring Armanni into this world and to care for her. Renee has a desire to share her story as a parable to illustrate the truths from the Word of God. A born-again Christian, living for God and a student of his Word, she wants others to learn from her experiences to avoid delays and negative consequences in their own lives. Renee believes that “everyone can change and when you know better you should do better!” Renee founded Teens Before Parents after seeing the high rate of teenage pregnancy in her community, prayer and deliverance from sexual sin.

Renee is has contributed to blog posts and she is the author of Daddy, Do You Love Me? Read her original works and order a copy of her latest book at http://anitareneemurray.com