How sweet it is. February is finally here. This is our time to shine. Our time to celebrate the past and present Black Americans who have made it a little easier to be black and proud. I am grateful to Carter G. Woodson who saw the need to designate a time to pay homage to these influential individuals. It is because of his initiative and the historians of today that our history is preserved and spotlighted during February. Especially during this month, I try to share with others the countless fights that we have won, inventions we have made, and the things that blacks have done first. I intentionally reflect on the successes of trailblazers while celebrating their resilience and embracing their spirit of determination and zeal for black America. This is our month!“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Dr. Martin LutherKing, Jr (1)

The second day into this month and the headlines dim the spotlight on the achievements of Black History Makers. On this day the local headlines read Deputies Arrest 20 People. . . As I read the article I discovered that 20 black males, ages 18-23 were arrested after posting a live party video of them participating inillegal activities to a social networking site. I get so irritated and disappointed with young black America when they do not seize their right to be positive contributors to society. While many of us are fighting for BLACK LIVES because they matter, these same targeted groups are knowingly taking part in senseless crimes. This story and similar ones are detrimental to the future of the black race and a disgrace to the ones who fought, died, and gave up of themselves for us to live in peace and thrive.

Where is the breakdown? Where is commonsense, has social media stolen it? Why are these young black males succumbing to the stereotypes of their culture? Why are they trying to get into prison when older black America is laboring to keep them out of it?  Why are they wasting their resources on drugs and firearms? As parents are we just giving up on them and accepting their self-destructive ways? When will they realize that they are killing themselves more than any other race of people. When will our young black males wake up?

-It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men-- Frederick DouglassDuring a month when we should be focused on reflecting, celebrating, and embracing the spirit of our trailblazers it becomes dim when the violent, illegal acts of some young black males who negligently take part in contributing to stereotypes, crime, and the penal system. There is no excuse or justification for these actions. We have to demand better and do better. As disheartening as this story and similar stories are, we must stay the course demonstrated by those we honor during black history month. As adults we should lead by example. As parents we must raise up our children to want more and to be more. We must continue to live with purpose, drive, and unity to protect our rights, seize opportunities, obtain higher learning and positively impact this society. In these ways we honor black history month and wipe out any doubt that black lives matter.



                                                                                                Think. Plan. Act.

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