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You Made It, Stay Focused

Dear Freshman, High School, yes you finally made it. The new school year has begun and you are still excited and anxious. You left middle school as a Senior and everyone looked up to you. Now, you are a Freshman and everything seems new. You want to

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Second Day of Black History Month

How sweet it is. February is finally here. This is our time to shine. Our time to celebrate the past and present Black Americans who have made it a little easier to be black and proud. I am grateful to Carter G. Woodson who saw the need

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Do Not Consent

Do Not Consent It has been said that it is easier to do wrong then it is to do right. Is it because we give into the flesh quicker than tapping into the spirit? Is it because we want to be part of the crowd which can lead

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Its More Than A Prom To Me

Its More Than A Prom To Me

As I prepare to mail off my last shipment of P.R.O.M. Kits, I am reflecting on what the prom really means. Of course, there is the excitement of being asked to the dance, choosing the perfect attire, coordinating colors, finalizing transportation and planning after the prom events.

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Open Letter to Save Our Youth and Stop the Violence

Stop Violence

Open Letter to Save Our Youth and Stop the Violence When the death of black males at the hand of non-blacks and those in authority occur the media has non-stop coverage of these incidences. However, the aggressor in these situations are not the solitary cause of murders

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Thankful for “The Talk”


  In celebration of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the opportunity to have “the talk” with teens and empower them to make wise decisions. I am also thankful that I am equipped to help them reach their full potential, honor God with their temple, and enjoy their youth

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Restore Your Hope


In this blog, I take a brief moment away  from teen pregnancy prevention. I endeavor to reach those who feel like they are just merely existing. Those who feel like there will never be brighter days. In this piece, I share that as long as you have

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Accept the Challenge

Think. Plan. Act.

The surge of recent “challenges” has me feeling some type of way. These challenges have been on my mind for months and I wanted to write about it. But, then the ice challenge surfaced and celebrities, parents, teachers, officers, clergy members, and the President of the United

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Parents Are Part of the Solution

Father and Son

There has been a lot of media focus on teen pregnancy in the past five years. Television shows such as 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom are some reasons for this attention. Prior to this it appears that teen pregnancy has been a silent issue in homes

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Love Yourself First


I was that little, dark-skinned girl that everyone picked on. I was that tomb boy that played football during recess. I was that girl who skipped school. I was that student who was retained twice. And yes, I was the low self-esteem girl who felt sex was

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Teens Before Parents