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How I Became Involved?

Days For Girls

As one who is very aware of disadvantages of others in lower economic countries, I have always wondered how women handle feminine hygiene during their menstruation. After reading an article in the O Magazine, I was taken aback when I read about the adverse conditions that the young ladies suffer during their period. My heart became heavy when I learned that they have to sit on cardboard, use leaves, and corn husks as a method to catch their blood flow.

I visited daysforgirls.org and viewed the video by Celeste Mergens. I was overwhelmed with emotion and wanted to help these young women. I am so blessed to be able to purchase feminine hygiene products and will also be able to do so for my daughter. I just want to help other young women handle a life process. It is a part of health. It is a part of womanhood. We did not ask for it but God saw that we needed menstruation to be able to be fruitful and bear children. No women should be embarrassed or afraid, or put in harm’s way because of their bodies’ natural-monthly process. When I learned that women missed school and work or would be exploited monthly as their body go through its cycle, it made me want to do something. I wanted to make an already uncomfortable period more respectable for these women.

I chose to use my platform Teens Before Parents, a teenage pregnancy organization as a way to help young women across the globe to have the opportunity to practice good hygiene and use quality sanitation products during their menstruation cycle. One of the goals of TBP is healthy relationships. It is unhealthy for young women to seclude themselves or drop out of school and miss work due to menstruation. On this realization and after much prayer for guidance “TBP- S.E.E.D” was birthed. This S.E.E.D. chapter exists to help share the purpose of DfG with other organization, groups, and clubs. In addition, we hope to meet our yearly goal of creating or assisting with the creation of kits. I am excited about this opportunity and ready to involve others in the mission of Days for Girls.