Do Not Consent

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It has been said that it is easier to do wrong then it is to do right. Is it because we give into the flesh quicker than tapping into the spirit? Is it because we want to be part of the crowd which can lead us astray? Or do we simply want to satisfy someone else at the expense of our own sanity and morals. We go crazy trying to make others feel comfortable and wanted. We abandon the teachings of wisdom. What is it all worth? In afterthought, we realize that we gave up some of ourselves and discovered that it was not worth our time nor effort. Pre-marital sex is a litmus test for these motives.

Although, sexually active single and dating adults proclaim that they are mature enough to handle the emotional roller-coaster they secretly experience after an encounter has ended. Teenagers have not yet gained the capacity to overcome this ride after the moment after. A typical teen dating situation begins with wooing. Then countless hours of conversation, recognition from peers as a couple, dates that are not chaperoned, and contentment with being with someone’s mate. Next, comes intimacy. The enticement began with holding hands and deep kissing which was followed by touching and fondling and the desire was awakened. But, there is still a way out. Unfortunately, many consent to their feelings, ignore the spirit and give into the flesh. Where does this lead the teen couple? Some are left feeling needy or become so attached to their mate that they forget their personal goals and responsibilities. While some others, once the burning desire of sexual satisfaction has been sparked, they continue to seek it in partner after partner- never committing to anyone. And yet others experience the emotional roller-coaster ride and are unsure how to handle their feelings. For any of these situations a pregnancy can add stress and increase their chances of becoming parents too soon.

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Therefore, while we should not consent to the enticement of sexual sin, we need to consider the risks associated with it as adults and especially as teenagers. We should fight the flesh and meditate on scripture that will provide us a way out of an enticing situation. We must think past the moment of sexual temptation which begins with setting ground rules before entering a relationship and gaining agreement on expectations from the partner once a relationship has been established. We need to educate our teens on the dangers and consequences of sex and how to select and be involved in healthy relationships. This includes discussions on why abstinence is important. However, this does not rely on scare tactics to convince teens to be abstinent. It is easy to do wrong, and it may seem that it is hard to do right. However, it is not difficult to do right and it does take effort. We simply need to spend more time studying and applying the word of God and less time being led astray and giving in to our fleshly desires.


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