Its More Than A Prom To Me

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As I prepare to mail off my last shipment of P.R.O.M. Kits, I am reflecting on what the prom really means. Of course, there is the excitement of being asked to the dance, choosing the perfect attire, coordinating colors, finalizing transportation and planning after the prom events. It is a night of laughter, socializing, entertainment, and celebration.

With all this in mind prom season presents opportunities of communication, openness, understanding, and discussing expectations. It is not a secret that most teens enjoy autonomy from their parents. Teens want to be independent.

These needs are known to most parents. Most parents do their best to allow their teens room to spread their wings and live their life as they choose, however, with boundaries. And there should be boundaries, which begins to explain why this one special night is more than a prom to me.

Preparation for the prom is an opportunity for teen and parent to connect. It is a time to share ideas and set expectations. Although, it only comes once a year and once in a teens’ life it is an event that can seal a bond of trust and responsibility. Use the following tips to begin a conversation and to communicate prom night expectations.

Tips For Teens:

  1. Obey the rules that your parents have set.
  2. Make wise decisions and remain sober.
  3. Think past the moment of sexual temptation.

Tips For Parents:

  1. Set clear expectations for your teen regarding curfew.
  2. State clear guidelines regarding underage drinking.
  3. Share your values regarding sexual relationships.

Teens these tips will show your parents that you are equipped to make wise decisions. In addition, it gives them confidence in your ability to be responsible. Parents when you allow freedom after explaining your expectations you are equipping your teen to make informed decisions. When both parent and child are on the same page it allows for trust to be reciprocated.

Prom Kit

It is not too late! 

Teens Before Parents has expanded. Now available from our educational series- the “Teens Be” Series TM

are P.R.O.M. Kits. These kits are a reminder for teens attending the prom to create memories that they will be proud to reminiscence about in the years to come. In addition, it encourages them to be responsible and think past the moment of engaging in risky behaviors. Prom season grants the opportunity to share a message of love, care, and accountability. It is more than a prom to me. Make it more than a prom for you. Order your P.R.O.M. Kit today from the TBP SHOP.

Are you a teen, what do you expect from your parents on prom night? Parents, how do you communicate your expectations to your child? What occasions do you use as teachable moments with your teen? Comment below or use #fortheloveofteens on Twitter.

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