We provide evidence-based strategies and lead with biblical standards. These methods empower teens to “think past the moment of sexual temptation and make wise decisions regarding sex and healthy relationships.” Teenage pregnancy prevention has a proven history of success and continues to be a needed resource in the lives of teens, parents of teens, and the community. We teach so teens can enjoy their youth before the concerns of parenthood.

Our “Teens Be Series” literature provide practical ways to avoid temptation and Christian dating tips. To request a brochure or for information on specific topics Contact Us.


Office Hours

In person or on the phone, we offer office hours and one-on-one and group conversations to teens who need to speak with a professional regarding sex, relationships, peer pressure, or any tough topic. Just having one of those days, text “Give Me A Word” to (860) 800-3297 and we will encourage you with scripture. We are also here to listen if a teen just needs to vent.

Disclaimer: We are required to report any information that presents harm to self or others. We are abstinence-first and do not provide birth control or condoms. If you are interested in safe sex information, we will connect you with an organization that can help. Let’s Chat Contact Us.

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