Dear Freshman,

High School, yes you finally made it. The new school year has begun and you are still excited and anxious. You left middle school as a Senior and everyone looked up to you. Now, you are a Freshman and everything seems new. You want to make new friends and keep old relationships while getting rid of toxic ones. That is a mature move. But, remember the number one reason you are in school is to get an education.

High school is not a social experiment. You cannot focus only on popularity and being in the know about who did it, why they did it, who is going out with who, or when is the next after school event. It is perfectly normal to want to be a part of everything, know everyone who matters, and hang with friends. There is a time and place for everything and it will all come in time.

Focus on your academics. Distractions are on every side of you to throw you off your path to success. You know this. The key is prioritizing. Put your education first. Because at the end of the day if you fail to meet your academic goals you will be disappointed and will have to work that much harder the next day.




What do you do?

How will you stay focused?

How will you stop distractions?

What is your priority?

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